Identify Denials for Appeal

We understand the challenges that come with managing denials and appeals. It can be difficult to identify which claims should be appealed, especially when dealing with different payors and complex denial reasons and codes.

That's why we offer a range of software applications designed to streamline this process and help you hit the revenue bullseye. Our solutions automatically process Medicare and Commercial Payor 835 denial data, which is then analyzed along with your client criteria to identify specific denials for appeal review.

The identified denials are then transferred to an Appeal Review work queue, where our data library simplifies the decision-making process by enabling you to search and sort denial types in almost any manner. Additionally, our Payor Analysis and Payor Comparisons provide valuable insights into payment rates, actual payments, and charges, allowing you to target high-dollar denials more effectively.

With OnTarget Revenue's solutions, you can optimize your denial and appeal management processes, reduce administrative tasks, and focus on generating revenue for your Health System.

Sample Denials Details Screen