ADR's: Strategies to Reduce Your Audit Finding Rate

Post-payment auditors frequently focus on specific DRGs when requesting Additional Documentation (ADRs). The sample OnTarget Revenue report below shows that DRGs 871 and 872 (Sepsis) are the most frequently targeted.


ADR letters from auditors do not specify the DRG. Do you lookup the DRG before responding to an ADR letter? Due to the challenges in documenting and diagnosing sepsis, you might consider managing a sepsis ADR/audit differently from other ADRs/audits. This can reduce your Audit Finding Rate


OnTarget Revenue's reporting enables you to view your audits through virtually any metric imaginable. For example, the report below shows that the above auditor frequently targets sepsis cases.


Try reducing the Audit Finding Rate below, and you'll notice a significantly lower workload and much improved financial impact compared to simply increasing your Appeal Win Rate.